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Tie Rod Extender M16 M16x1.5 MK7 Tubular Control Arms VW MK4 Subframe Bushings
MK7 Tubular Control Arms
Sale Price: $524.99
Tie rod extenders for M16x1.5 tierods. MK5-MK7
Front tubular lower control arms for people that want the stiffest possible steering and control. Ditch your sloppy stock rubber bushings for these billet versions.
1.8t Swirl Pot Evo Cam Sensor Heat Shield ARP Flywheel Bolts 1.8t VR6 2.0t FSI TFSI/TSI
1.8T Coolant Swirl Pot / Reservoir
Evo Cam Sensor Heat Shield
VW ARP Flywheel Bolts 1.8t, VR6, 2.0FSI, TFSI, TSI

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